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"If I had to describe my ideal woman it would be Mel, which is why I was so surprised when I found her on Black Dating. I was even more surprised when she actually messaged me back. But she’s just as kind as she is beautiful and we’ve been happily dating for over a year now."

Mel and Donald met on Black Dating

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Black Dating Success Stories

Abby and Antoine

"I went away to university about seven years ago and after graduating I stayed on in London, where I’d studied and got a job. I loved London life but it was hard meeting nice girls. After a few years of partying I was ready to find the girl I could take home to mum, so I got on Black Dating. That’s where I met Abby. I had to work to get her to agree to go out with me but when we finally met, for me it was love at first sight! Now we’re buying a flat together and mum is very happy!"

Met on Black Dating and together 11 months

Success Story

John and Kerry

"As an oil rig worker I spend a lot of my working life away from home and only get back to Glasgow every eight weeks or so. My schedule makes it really difficult to meet women, which is why I tried a dating site. When I joined black dating I ended up chatting with quite a few girls who didn’t mind about my work, but it was Kerry who really caught my eye. She works on cruises, so she spends a lot of time away as well. We’ve been together ever since our first date, we may not spend that much time together but when we do it’s great. This summer, I’m flying out to Rio to meet her on a cruise and we’re spending a fortnight there together. "

Met on Black Dating and together 8 months

Success Story

Anna and Derek

"I’ve dated all sorts of men but I’ve always found I’ve got on better with guys who share the same sort of background to me and are part of my local community, so I decided to give Black Dating a try. Within a few weeks of joining I got chatting to Derek. He was local and after chatting for a while we even worked out that we had a few friends in common. We’ve been together for 5 months now and we always laugh about how we could have met so many times but never did until we joined Black Dating."

Met on Black Dating and together 5 months

Success Story